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Creative and collaborative solutions for problems.

Crackle is a group project by Judith Michel, Stanislaw Dell, Christof Künster, Valentin Sekinger, Matthias Guntrum, Stephan Wirth and me.

My contribution to this project:
Concept, UX-Design, Interface Design, Interviews, Prototyping 

Software I used:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, PAP Designer

Crackle is an online platform for creative people to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to problems. Through the mass intelligent of the community, the combination of different expertises, crackle is supposed to solve problems that are valuable from a content point of view.
Beside the content of the users, there is also an inspirational area of the platform which includes inspirational articles and video-interviews.

The project was set for completion in three terms, starting with a basic high concept.

The goal was to design a complex website, which then was prototyped by an external programmer.