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A retro survival game.

This project was developed in corporation with Simone Rus.

My contribution to this project:
Game Design, Level Design, Concept Design, Game Art, Animation, Story, Sound, Programming

Software I used:
Adobe Flash Builder, Flixel, Adobe Photoshop, Ableton Live

Origo is an retro underwater game, which combines the genres adventure and  2d shooter. The goal of the production was to create a game with diversified mechanics, an interesting visual style and a dense atmosphere.
The game is one part of a transmedia told story which includes media like comic, animation and games. The story is set in a world with a water covered planet where humanity is trying to survive by compeding for habitat.
The prototype introduces a few key parts of the story, like the main character, his houseboat, his bathysphere etc.  


Three different tracks I created for the Origo prototype, the first one made it into the game.