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A transmedia game prototype.

Decalon is a group project by Matthias Guntrum, Stephan Wirth, Benjamin Palfner, Wolfgang Reichardt, Alexander Wirth, Mario Maus, David Jagoda and me.

My contribution to this project: 
Game Design, Level Design, Concept Art, Game Art, Animation, Story, Sound

Software I used:
UDK – Unreal Development Kit, Autodesk 3ds max, Adobe Photoshop, Ableton Live

Decalon is a transmedia adventure game prototype, which takes place in a dystopian vision of the world in the far future. The game combines classic first person action with an Alternate Reality Game. You can play two characters in two different worlds.

As Jeremiah Chainsaw a advanced humanoid robot you’ll explore the dark and gritty world of decalon, fighting drones and other hostile machines to slowly regain your memory to learn about your past. 

 As Cyra van Railmaker a female shaman with tremendous hacking abilities you’ll acompany Jeremiah on his way helping him to shape up and get past security doors and defense mechanisms.

The project was set for completion in 2 terms (1 year), starting with a game concept and team gathering phase followed up by a creation/prototype phase. The goal was to present a playable prototype Level of the game.  

The team consisted of 4 Intermedia Design students responsible for asset creation, animation, interface design and webdesign. This team was later accompanied by two programmers of the Digitale Medien und Spiele degree program. Their task was to implement game logic, server communication and web-game logic.


Impressions of the prototype

A few pictures of the final prototype, which you can download on the game website.

Visit the Website!

Making of in pictures

This making of presents a small overview of the stuff I did for this project.


Three tracks I did for the project Decalon.