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In Between

A game by Gentlymad.

This game started as my Bachelor thesis and is now the first project of our company Gentlymad.

My contribution to this project:
Game Design, Level Design, Concept Design, Game Art, Animation, Story, Sound, Programming

Software I used:
Adobe Flash Builder, Flixel, Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Ableton Live

The game is based around the five stages of grief  (by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross), the emotional stages everyone experiences when facing an decisive turning point in life. The sensitive topic of death is frequently used in games but mostly on a superficial level.
Following the five stages of grief, the game tries to put the player into different emotional states of a dying mind. It is our attempt to integrate a sensitive topic, challenging gameplay and an emotional story into the genre of 2D plattform games.
The prototype, formerly based on Adobe Flash, was converted to Unity3D for better performance and distributing capabilities.


Impressions of the game

A couple of screenshots of the game In Between, which is currently in development and will be released early 2014.
You can download the prototype of the game on the game website.

Visit the Website!


A few tracks I did for our upcoming game.


Let´s play

This is the first Let´s play video of our early game prototype by johnyliltoe. Check out his youtube channel.

Visit Johny´s channel!